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Breakfast with WA CCI and Political Leaders

Breakfast with WA CCI and Political Leaders

Breakfast with WA Chamber of Commerce and Liberal Party Political Leaders
Crown Ballroom 3, Crown Perth (15 Feb 2017)

Access Indonesia Australia had a chance today to meet with political and business leaders:
Hon. Colin Barnett MLA, Premier; Minister for Tourism; Science
Hon. Dr Mike Nahan MLA, Treasurer; Minister for Energy; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests
Hon. Sean L’Estrange MLA, Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Finance; Small Business
Chamber of Commerce and Industry VIP members

All speakers are passionate about the partial sale of Western Power plan to reduce WA debt level, in which the majority shares will be bought by the superannuation funds, the fresh capital will be distributed for infrastructure development and to support the growth of the small and medium enterprises (SME).

Despite strong political tone, the WA Liberal Party recognizes the importance of SME. There are about 214 thousand businesses, employ about 70% of WA workforce, contribute about 44 billion dollars. Cost of business and lack of digital literacy however have been identified to be the two major issues setting back SME’s growth. The statistics presented are astounding; 20% of the businesses do not even have website, 40% are not into online sales. It shows challenges but also huge opportunities in the future.

The party sets their promises to reform payroll taxes, land taxes, to introduce DIGITAL GRANT for the SME, to improve TAFE infrastructures, to increase student accommodation volume around university and inner city location. The party committed to improve WA positioning in the international market by approaching North Asia, India and Africa. There is even an interesting discussion about WA being the MANUFACTURING STATE of Australia, with closing remark from the Premier to take a risk and to be brave facing the challenges ahead

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