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Indonesian for Business Level-3

Indonesian for Business Level-3

Level-3: Dining Out and Entertaining

This course is a follow on from Level-2. Dining out and entertaining is part of activities that you will need to engage when you do business with Indonesians and in Indonesia. The course will introduce you to a simple conversational vocabulary and dialogues that will help you in your small talk during dining out and entertaining with your Indonesian business counterparts.
The course runs for 4 weeks, once a week every Friday, each session is 120 mins.
Class size: Minimum six (6) to maximum eight (8) students per class
Location: Hill Street, East Perth 6004 WA
Course Fee: $190 per student

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Term Calendar 2017 (Tentative)

Season 1          10 February – 3 March
Season 2          10 March – 31 March
Season 3          5 May –  26 May
Season 4          2 June – 23 June
Season 5          28 July – 18 August
Season 6          25 August – 15 Sept
Season 7          20 October – 10 November
Season 8          17 November – 8 December

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