Cross Border Advisory (Business Expansion Services)


12 October 2017

We are pleased to announce ACCESS INDONESIA AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd is partnering with PT INTICON UNIVERSAL AKSES (INTICON) to support our valuable customers. Our partnership with INTICON is another example of our commitment to evolve in order to constantly improve our services quality.

INTICON is a leading consultancy firm specializes in assisting local and multi-national companies expand, or start, their businesses to and from Indonesia. INTICON vision overlaps with what we believe, and their mission philosophies equivalent with our intention. Our combined portfolio would provide the best services for both our existing and future customers.

For additional information about INTICON, please visit their website:


Business Expansion
Access Indonesia Australia Pty Ltd (AIA) and PT. Mutu Certification International (MCI) have reached an agreement to co-develop a business operation in Perth to increase MCI's brand marketing.

AIA had been supporting Mutu Certification International management team in :
1) Business feasibility
2) Business expansion plan
3) Business development and road mapping

We have formed a business partnership as well as made some new friends with MCI management.

find out more about MCI activities from their website link


Stakeholder Management & Operational Solutions
We are delighted to hear that TopLineIndo has again successfully completed their recent project and ready for the next ones.
Access Indonesia Australia Pty Ltd has been supporting TopLineIndo management in :
1) Stakeholder’s relationship management
2) Business Operations solutions

It has been rewarding tasks to work together with our friends from the TopLineIndo management, to be involved with business partners outsourcing project, and to gain valuable business operations lessons learned along the way. We have no doubt that they will be successful from now on and wish them the best in the future.

find out more about their activities from their website link

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Investment Feasibility
Access Indonesia Australia Pty Ltd due diligence lead to a potentially AU$1 million saving for our client.
We have assisted Indonesian private investor who was interested in a business franchise in Australia. Our analyses include
1) Business (Franchise) Feasibility
2) Industry Report

We have provided a quick turn around to advise the franchise revenue model and its profit loss projection. The intended business franchise could cost our client an initial investment of AU$1 million in the first year and typically $500 thousands annually
We have helped our client to put his investment in other opportunities instead of the intended business, and delighted to learn that our client has managed to build a better portfolio.

Dispute Resolution
We have provided a clear process for an Indonesian private exporter who had unpaid invoice and bullied by an Australian importer since 2016.
We have sourced out inquiries through the state lawyer and developed a pathway document for Dispute Resolution in Western Australia.
Australian debt collection process is completely different than Indonesia system. Raising the problem to a magistrate court would cost money and time. It could cost an initial AU400 a day for a lawyer to review a document, more than $1000 for court admin fee, and potentially thousands of dollar to proceed. At the end, the money would never be recovered fully.
Access Indonesia Australia Pty Ltd has learned a great lesson from our client and would recommend business due diligence services before carrying out foreign activities. We have learned first hand that prevention is better than a cure.