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Gunung Padang Family Cottage and Agro Tourism Development

Project Description:

Tourism Product targeting domestic and foreign segments. Solar panel electricity could also be developed


Master Plan Availability

Available Land

Area Status

Land Value


Land Ownership Scheme

Environmental Aspect Summary






Data Source

Batang Arau and Bukit Gado-Gado, Padang Selatan

not available

300 Hectares

Government Property

Rp. 150 thousand per square meter (~USD 12 per square meter)

Cooperation (30 years with extension option)

Gunung Padang soil type is suitable for plantation, it has podsolik element of red yellow, latosol and andosol. Local tropical plant such as coconut, mango, areca nut dominated the area. The eastern side of Gunung Padang is a tourism development priority area and has been used for agricultural plant such as mango and durian

Detailed environmental feasibility is required to develop the entire area. It is estimated to require 50 skilled labor and an investment around Rp. 30 Trilyun (~ USD 2.5 billion)

Padang Investment and Integrated Licensing Services Board

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