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Tuna and Grouper Fish Processing Plant

Project Description:





Master Plan Availability

Available Land

Area Status

Land Value


Land Ownership Scheme

Supporting Facilities and Infrastructure












Investment required










Data Source

1) Fishing Region WPP572 at Bungus Port and Fish Base Muara Anai

2) Tuna Fishing (950 thousand square km), estimated 125 thousand tonnes per year production. Fish species are: YELLOW FIN TUNA (Thunnus Albacores), BIG EYE TUNA (Thunnus Obesus), SKIPJACK TUNA (Cakalang)

Masterplan available

WPP9 approximately 915 thousand square km

Government Property

Rp. 200 thousand per square meter (~USD 15 per square meter)


Main road access, Water and Electricity, Telecommunication Network

Fisheries Infrastructure:

a) Dock facilities at Bungus port, ice factories, workshop, docking yard, international standard processing facilities, processing plants, cold storage with 100 tonnes capacity

b) TPI Building facilities at PPI Muara Anai, receiving hall, booth fisherman hall, SPDN with 6000 ltr capacity, cold storage with 10 tonnes capacity

Public Infrastructure:

a) Teluk Bayur Sea Port, BIM Airport, both international routes, Cold storage with 300 tonnes capacity nearby airport


a) Long liner catcher, vessels of 60-100 GT, investment Rp. 200 Trilyun (~USD 15 billion)

b) Purse Seine Fishing with FADS tools couples, investment Rp. 100 Trilyun (~USD 7 billion)

c) 400 bars production capacity Ice Plant, investment Rp. 5 Trilyun (~ USD 400 million)

d) Workshop and fishing boat dock facilities, investment Rp. 3 Trilyun (~ USD 250 million)

e) Fish Processing Factory, investment Rp. 10 Trilyun (~ USD 750 million)

f) Healthy Shelter for fishermen, investment Rp. 10 Trilyun (~ USD 750 million)

Padang Investment and Integrated Licensing Services Board

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