Cross Border Advisory (Business Expansion Services)

Sister City Principles

Sister City Principles

Government-Business Foundation Merits

Sister City relationship should provide a foundation for bilateral trading and investment.  Having a good governance is crucial to provide a pathway accelerating administrative works, expediting revenue generation, and stimulating new opportunities.
All stakeholders must have urgency to carry out good project governance e.g. focused deliverables, milestones management, 360-feedback of the initiatives and projects to ensure transparency

AIA promotes bilateral relationship management as B2B foundation

Framework Tenets
The Sister City relationship potentially creates numerous B2B opportunities ideally with less to no administration boundary. The activities within should be managed properly because it cultivates different interests from the involved parties.
AIA cannot stress it enough that the Sister City relationship cannot impartially be serving a closed group of networks; it must be accountable and transparent for public.
Ideal framework components should comprise of structure, resources and information management. Only then the relationship would yield full benefits for all of the stakeholders.

AIA strongly advises transparency during and after Sister City agreement processes