Cross Border Advisory (Business Expansion Services)

Sister City Rationales

Sister City Rationales

AIA Focus Area

AIA focuses on the relationship sustainability and process accountability, it means that we want the relationship goes longer and beyond just a paper work.

AIA facilitates the Sister City process custodian between City of Padang and the Consulate general of Perth.

AIA plans to use the relationship in improving Indonesian commodity values, facilitating transparencies, developing focus strategy for the UMKM (SME) benefits.

AIA milestones to support the Sister City Framing and beyond

Involvement Rationales

AIA’s support should allow better trading facilitation. It should improve export-import values using direct shipment out of WA. Also AIA should be able to proclaim the latest licensing and regulations of both countries and build more awareness around them. In general AIA should be able to promote much better understanding of the government’s process to expedite the administration processes.

AIA rationales to support Sister City framework to warrant improved business activities