Cross Border Advisory (Business Expansion Services)

Business Expansion


Process Governance
A decision to open physical presence in a new location is not a trivial matter, it should not be a first choice for a business expansion. We understand the importance of careful planning to achieve such important objective.
We approach such project in several main stages. Phase-0 is a Feasibility Stage to understand some motivation behind a project. Phase-1 is a Discovery Stage, mainly to understand the bottom-line profit and the growth potential. The next stages involve intensive engagement to develop a project plan together in a Project Framing Stage. The final stage is a Controlled-Execution Stage and to sustain a good partnership with each of our client.
We always recommend an exit strategy, we review each project objectively and will not hesitate to reject an expansion plan if it has negative value to our client.
Strategic Tasks
When you and your company are ready to take the next step and grow your business further, we are here to help. AIA focuses on the business process and strategic supports instead of offering merely accounting and legality services.
We are partnering with an established local Accounting office, our services and approach however are more involved, some of our strategic tasks including Business Plan, Baseline Review, Project Management, Entry Point potential, Business or Product Road mapping, Partnership Management, Market Feasibility, Office Registration as illustrated below:



Ideal Customer
Our ideal customer is progressive company in any stage of business maturity, whose considering but still in its exploration or discovery phase of business expansion. We add value in determining governance and proper pathway for the expansion activities.
Expansion Opportunities
New market’s push of goods and services should not be just a routine process e.g. traditionally copying a product or a successful product to a new market.
It should include critical thinking over improving the existing brand value, leveraging a company portfolio, developing new product either from an existing or from nothing based on customer’s need.
We keep our mind open over any innovative expansion options, including some clever thinking out of micro or small businesses to improve their branding awareness