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Indonesian Language for Tourist

If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia, learning simple Indonesian phrases is beneficial for communication. You will gain different cultural experience just by engaging in a simple short dialogue with taxi drivers, hotel staffs, waiters or shopkeepers. This course will help you do this.
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Indonesian for Business Level-4

Level-4: Working with Indonesian Staff

This course is a continuation of Level-3 and will be opened based on interests
The course runs for 4 weeks, once a week every Friday, each session is […]

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Indonesian for Business Level-3

Level-3: Dining Out and Entertaining

This course is a follow on from Level-2. Dining out and entertaining is part of activities that you will need to engage when you do business with Indonesians and in Indonesia. The […]

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Indonesian for Business Level-2

Level-2: Business Meeting

The course will again be focusing on the practical approach, conversation-based classes.  Level-2 has a practical goal as every business meeting in Indonesia involves a great deal of “small talk” to establish trust […]

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